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Ranatosk Ranatosk 4 August 2013


It has come to my attention that some people cannot grasp the concept of what my site is for. This site is meant to be an encyclopedia for all things about my Dungeons & Dragons universe and i have given clear instructions that no one is to edit this without permission from me.

Well it seems two "dick smokers" thought it would be funny to break those rules and spam my site so from now on, i will delete all vandals and spammers without mercy.

So watch your backs trolls, ill be watching.


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Ranatosk Ranatosk 20 January 2012

D&D session: 1/19/2012 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Situation where we left off: Asher's character Lars (our 1st level Human Blackguard) is fighting off a horde of Troglodytes with the help of a few undead minions he conjured forth from a group of corpses which were the remains of a battle that took place inside the caves which is now composed of 5 corpses that Lars Landred raised using Create undead:

  • a Dwarven Fighter
  • a Human Fighter
  • a Human mage
  • a Human Berserker
  • a Human Berserker

Meanwhile in the back, Tyler's Tiefling Warlock Kemono Kentachi made a successful hide check while behind the horde of Trogs making their way down the narrow hallways (the hallways are somewhat thin only allowing up to 2 people to take point or travel shoulder to shoulder) and sneaks up to each one before delivering a …

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Ranatosk Ranatosk 8 January 2012



i was recently doing some thinking and got this strange idea: why not post my recent D&D sessions in this blog? its genious!

so i guess ill say ill be using this blog of mine to post my recent sessions.


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