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The sigil of the empire, representing the Dark Tower.

The Black Empire is the central governing body that rules over the continent of Eternoss. Ruled over by the Black Emperor Terronium, the Empire is built upon the ideals of control and absolute order.


During the Age of Kings, Eternoss was originally the home of the Ivory Tower of Kings: a massive structure that reaches up into the heavens, standing as a supposed testament to the mortals striving to be like the gods. The tower was home to the nine great kings of Aldrazar, who ruled over the planet and were loved far and wide across Xerveron.

It was until the Inquisitor king known as Terronium discovered an artifact of immeasurable power during an archaeological dig in the ruins of an Ancient city. Puzzled by it, he took it back to his study in the tower to examine it.

Over time the artifact changed him however, he even began to hear a voice within it, telling him that he will be the chosen one to usher in a new era, an era of peace and purge the world of evil and corruption.

Thus, the War of the Ancient Kings began, tearing Xerveron asunder into the continents of today, leaving Eternoss in control of the Black Empire, with the massive structure able to be seen with the naked eye anywhere on the continent: The Dark Tower.