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A Human Berserker.

Berserkers are savage warmongers and reckless warriors who constantly lust for battle. It is in their nature to seek and find conflict at any turn merely to spill the blood of their fallen foes.


Unlike the more civilized and well mannered Fighters, Berserkers do whatever it takes to see the entrails of their enemies be spilt on to the floor before them. They are fueled by the very essence of hate, anger and rage which is the sole thing that leads them into combat in general.

A Berserker's rage is the very embodiment of who and what he/she is, should a Berserker deal or take enough points of damage, they will automatically go into a blood frenzy, hacking and slashing anything in their way until there is nothing left.

Unfortunately not only do his/her foes become targets when he/she is in Bloodrage, but so do his/her allies, making the Berserker a reckless if not difficult class to use in any campaign.

Attributes and Stats

HP: 1d12

Prime Requisite: Strength

Bonuses: gains a +2 to Survival, Listen, Spot and Intimidation.

Weapons: any (non exotic)

Armor: Any except Heavy

Shields: any non tower

Racial limitations: Any

XP per level (multiplied by 2 after each level): 2100

Damage Threshold (damage taken/dealt before going berserk): 1d12 per level (must add 1d12 when leveled up)


Offensive abilities:

  • Berserker rage/Bloodrage: A powerful stage which can only be activated by dealing or taking a certain amount of Hit Point damage which when activated gives the Berserker +5 x Character level to damage and attack rolls but -5 to reflex rolls. This lasts for 1d6xLVL rounds. (any allies within the area will become targets while the Berserker is in this stage)
  • Uppercut Cleave: A powerful rising strike that launches the enemy into the air allowing for a follow-up once the enemy hits the ground taking another 1d4 points of damage which leaves him into knockdown state. - Requires 5 Technique Points.

Defensive abilities:

  • Meat Shield: A natural AC grapple attack that when successfully used on a foe, the Berserker will then proceed to use that enemy as a human shield, defending him from any incoming magic attacks and/or missile weapons (arrows, bolts, bullets, etc.) - Requires 7 Technique Points.
  • Hibernate: This ability makes the Berserker go into a trance-like state that when activated, he will begin to regenerate lost HP regaining 1d6xLVL per turn. Unfortunately, he is completely vulnerable to all and any Coup de Grace used by any enemies. - Requires 9 Technique Points.

Passive Abilities:

  • Hot Blooded: This ability allows for the Berserker to survive in extremely cold climates that would otherwise leave lesser men and women frozen stiff thus giving him a +5 against any cold or ice based magic attacks. Unfortunately, this also makes him/her take +5 damage to any fire based attacks.
  • Wolf Snout: This grants the Berserker the legendary tracking ability of the IceWalker tribe of Barbarians giving him/her +10 to all Tracking skill rolls. When using this ability, he/she has a chance of scoping out any hidden areas and/or any enemies that might be lurking nearby. (the player must say he/she wishes to use the ability, otherwise the ability will not work)