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A Battle Mage unsheathing his dagger and preparing for close combat.

Battle Mages are those who seek to master both the art of magic and combat, with awe-inspiring results. With weapon in hand and the arcane arts at his/her command, foes cower and flee from the Battle Mage.


Battle Mages are heavily skilled in the art of close combat, dealing devastating physical blows to their enemies should their magic fail them.

Because of this, Battle Mages wear a special type of robe specifically made for them which is known as a Battle Robe. These robes have leather plating and a few metal parts sewn into the robe in a way that allows the same type of movement as a normal mage's robes. (though Mages cannot wear these types of robes due to the weight of the robe should they wear it)

Even though Battle Mages are skilled in the art of combat, they are still semi-restricted to the same weapons the average Mage is restricted to, though Battle Mages are far more efficient at using these weapons than normal Mages are making them almost as efficient combatants as Fighters.

Despite being superior to the Mage, the only common types of Battle Mages encountered on Aldrazar all turned out to be Dwarves, possibly due to their combat backgrounds and immunities to magic. Those of other races are still extremely rare to find.

Attributes and Stats

HP: 2d6

Prime Requisite: Dexterity, Intelligence

Bonuses: Gains +1 to Tumble and Parry and +2 to Spellcraft, Lore, Alchemy and Concentration.

Weapons: Dagger, S. Sword, Club, Double Club, Quarterstaff, L. Crossbow, H. Crossbow.

Armor: Light and medium only (in the form of Battle Robes)

Shields: Bucklers only.

Racial Limitations: Humans and Dwarves only.

XP per level (multiplied by 2 after each level): 2,550


Spell prep - (Combat feat) The BattleMage can prepare spells ahead of time and bind them to his/her arm in the form of a runic symbol upon the back and palm of the chosen hand and can be cast at will without the required time to cast it.

Palm Strike - (Combat feat) A "1d20+STR bonus" punch attack which deals 1d6+DAM MOD points of damage and knocks the air out of the opponent which weakens them for "1d4+LVL" rounds (instakill if critical). -16 TP

Combat Casting - (Combat feat) Allows the Battlemage to be able to cast spells in the middle of combat, giving the Battle Mage +1d4+LVL to Spellcraft and Concentration checks. (This Tech must be active if the user wishes to gain these bonuses)

Limit Breakers

Arcane Torment - The Battle Mage creates a "8ft.+LVL. in diameter" ring of magical energy around himself/herself which creates 5 waves of energy blasts within the ring dealing "5d12+INT bonus" points of magic damage before creating a massive pillar of arcane energy which deals 1d20xLVL points of magical damage. Demonstration