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Bards are great musicians who travel across Aldrazar telling tales and singing songs usually about great heroes or great stories. At other times they will simply play their musical instruments to earn a little extra coin on the side.


Bards practice magic as they would art or song and use their artistic talents to induce magical effects that either bolster their party or hinder their enemy, typically through Illusion magic. They also are among the most versatile of characters, capable of learning from practically any trade.

While not necessarily as tough as a Fighter, as skilled as a Thief, or as intelligent as a Mage, the bard class combines all these aspects, and more, to be a "jack-of-all-trades" support character. For instance, bards are better trained in weaponry than all other arcanists, including Spellblades, trained in the use of all simple weapons and most ranged weapons.

Bards of all kinds learn to inspire virtue and ability in those around them, though what qualities they inspire may vary from bard to bard. Some bards inspire cunning and quick reflexes in their allies, while others might inspire and further the courage and valor in those with whom they fight. Similarly, bards can, through their music and arts, soothe the nerves of their allies and, through their magic, heal their wounds and bolster their spirits, either at rest or in combat.

Bards are uncannily good at persuasion and diplomacy. For many bards this is a result of their typically high charisma but all bards, even those with a lower degree of personal allure, are able to charm their way through many troubles. They do this by actually enchanting the very words they speak, making them sound even more persuasive and compelling than they would normally.

The Bard is also one of the only classes that is able to gain one or more techniques at first level.

Attributes and Stats

HP: 1d8

Prime Requisite: Charisma, Intelligence

Bonuses: Gains a +3 to Perform, Diplomacy, Appraise, Bluff and +1 to all other skills.

Weapons: Dagger, S. Sword, L. Sword, Rapier, Schimitar, Club, Hammer, Hatchet, Quarterstaff, Shortbow, Longbow, L. Crossbow, H. Crossbow, Sling.

Armor: Light only

Shields: Light only

Racial limitations: any

XP per level (multiplied by 2 after each level): 1500


(A Bard may learn any basic Technique from any other Class)

Relax - The Bard plays a song that is soothing to the ears of his/her allies which can reduce tension or calm the nerves. (can cure debuffs that target one's Will or even heal allies for 1d8xLVL per turn when the party is resting) -14 TP

Fanfare - The Bard plays a song that motivates his/her allies giving them the courage neccessary to be resilient enough to battle their foes. (gives +2xLVL to all physical stats) -14 TP

Irritate - The Bard plays a song directed towards his/her foes which becomes both very irritating to them and very distracting making their combat skills suffer. (deals -2xLVL to all physical stats to all enemies within 15 ft. or less) -16 TP

Limit Breakers

Musical Solo - The bard begins to play his/her instrument at an astounding rate and quality, causing all allies within a 16ft. radius to gain +1d4xLVL to all stats and modifiers for 1d8 rounds.