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Avelice is the largest known continent on Aldrazar. Taking up 2/5 of the planet, this foreign land is a world in itself shrouded in mystery and legend.

Culture and wildlife[]

Avelice has always been known to be the biggest melting pot of cultures on the planet, bringing a whole array of people from different corners of the world to live here. From the marauders of the deserts to the warriors of the sacred lands.

below is a list of different areas of Avelice:


Mountain of Mirrors - A fabled and legendary mountain high up in the blizzards and past the Shanafria Mountains said to be the home of a legendary Frost Giant named Karl.

Ironskin Forge - A fabled Dwarven city, home to the legendary Ironskin clan of Dwarves, ruled over by the almighty hero Orin Ironskin.

Blizzardscale crags - One of the many dangerous domains inhabited by some of the fiercest white and diamond dragons who fight for territory to this day.

Bifrost pass - An area at the very top of the Mountain of Mirrors revealing the legendary Bifrost leading to Asgard which is still guarded to this day by Heimdall.


Avalanche beard - A small settlement located near the side of the Shanafria Montains. Stories tell that a great battle was fought here during the Conflict wars, only to end at the hand of an avalanche.

Icewalker forest - Woods inhabited by the proud and respected Icewalker tribe of Barbarians. The home of the great Babarian hero and prince to the tribe Rogar Icewalker.


Talinor - A nation located north of the Scorchbone desert, home to many belly dancers, desert warriors as well as jewelry and silk merchants. This city is often seen as the mercantile area of Avelice.

Scorchbone Desert - A massive desert that goes on for miles, home to Blue and Sapphire Dragons, Purple Worms and ancient tombs containing legendary treasures guarded by traps and guardians to this day.


Orien - A sacred and holy land ruled over by the five great clans. Home to many Monks and honor bound Samurai, littered with beautiful trees and gardens. Many pilgrims travel here to pray to their gods at the sacred temples of these lands.


Black Fields - A once great forest now destroyed by a great battle between the Icewalkers and the Black Legion leaving behind a still blood soaked battlefield.


The Touching Tip - A small part of Avelice that is connected to Faerun by a naturally formed land path.