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The Astrals are a race of Celestial Thilians created by Tri G in an attempt to create an army of halfbreed Cyrathilian clones. Unlike the other Cyrathilian sub-types, the Astrals are the only ones with male features, having their bodies support a human-like genitelia and large powerful wings that extend from their backs.


Astrals arent that much different from the other Cyrathilians, they have the same organs as any other of their species. But these Cyrathilians have different things about their anatomy than any other subtype. Due to their Masculine look and physique, they lack the ability to use their bukula as a womb, thus making them more like Fathers than Mothers, also the fur on their head, face, pelvis, ankles, forearms and chest can outgrow the rest of the fur on their body, making them more easy to tell between the types. An Astral's Lytvyria* is located more around its pelvic area where a Human's sexual organ usually is, the Lytvyria's tentacle-like appendage is connected to a Reybidyark-like body part located right below the waist known as the Lytvexia which they can sheathe when not sexually active. Astrals have the ability to create infernos blasts of energy from their sharp clawed hands and feet due to their palms having small slits in the center which have small vein-like tubes connecting to the bukula to channel their combustive energies into their hands. Their feet also have the same properties as their hands, having the same vein-like tubes as their hands do, it helps them fly better when using their rear burst as well as their extremely powerful wings. Astrals also have inherited lungs unlike the other Cyrathilians who rely on the oxygen from their food, when Astrals simply breathe the oxygen of Terrahypt. An Astral's brain houses an extremely potent magical kinetic energy used for phasing in and out of reality and appearing in a different location, hence their name meaning "astral projection", they can also use it for other needs such as telepathy and telekinesis which is useful in controlling their beam energy from their stomach by molding the energies into sphere-like shapes and even spears and javelins, but such feats like these take a lot of concentration and discipline to use such powers and many have even died from it.

Often times they use their mind powers to increase or decrease their size, though they can only do this for certain means considering it takes a lot of concentration to attempt this feat and they often decide on a height they prefer and only use it when needed.

Another notable feature is that Astrals do not produce Cyralin** unlike most Thilians but instead produce a highly concentrated chemical called Kurgen, which is a 10x stronger version of Adrenaline giving the average Astral the ability to do actions that an average Cyrathilian wouldnt be able to do with their current strength.

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(See article: Thilian)**

Impact on Terrahypt culture

When the Astrals first became known across Terrahypt, half the populace saw them as mutants and freaks while the Cyrathilians thought of them as the next step in Thilian evolution, that Tyg created them for a purpose rather than to just be bio weapons. Over the course of many years, The Astrals became widespread across Terrahypt becoming guardians of the world causing the prejudice felt towards them to slowly fade over time.

Their form has also become a representation of virility, strength and grace in the male form.

The Maternals questioned the reason why only they can bear Astral children and the other subraces cannot. After much research, it was concluded that Maternals have the necessary nutrients within their bellies for the Astral Sprygin to feed on since they take up much more nutrients than the average intake of a Sprygin from any other subtype.

Some women across the continent have even fallen in love with these graceful angels.


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