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Name: Astralius

Other Alias: Icarus
Age: Unknown
Race: Astral Cyrathilian
Height: Variable (usually 55'6")
Birthdate: 3025UG
Birthplace: Terrahypt (was actually created in a lab aboard a ship in Terrahypt's orbit)
Class: Clanfather
Alignment: Lawful Good
Patron Deity: Tyg
Crush: Azura, Egnia

"Fear the power of Astralius, the mighty hero king!" -Astralius

Astralius was the product of an experiment to create an army of Cyrathilian clones. Being a clone himself created by the Corporation Tri G, he is the first Astral Cyrathilian to ever exist. The corporation codenamed him "Icarus" due to his massive wings. Together he and Azura created the Astrals and since then has been the Clanfather of his race.

Astralius has 2 sons both named Gabriel and Lucius.


Astralius was created from a mixture of Alia and Robin Jones' DNA, with Arklight manipulating the Thilian genes within Alia's blood sample through precise Archium manipulation to force the two strands to splice at the near cost of his own life which put him into a one month long coma. As his body developed inside the test tube, they experimented on him using certain means to see how his body would react to certain chemicals, elements and pain. After many years of being experimented on, he could take it no longer and something in his brain snapped causing him to go into a blood frenzy, destroying the labs in the process. Once he broke through the hull of the Tri G research ship however, he found himself falling towards Terrahypt. Fortunately he fell into one of Terrahypts biggest bodies of water, but the impact knocked him out. He recovered after a few hours and began to try and find help, but after searching for so long passed out from exhaustion. He awoke only to find Egnia standing over him and checking his body for injuries. Out of fear and impulse, he immediately stood up to defend himself, but fell back on to the ground from exhaustion. Egnia explained that she is merely trying to help him and tells him that everything will be alright. Somehow, her calm words soothed him and he felt himself drift off to sleep. Egnia then proceeded to carry him and escort him to the tower of Azal.

He awoke inside of Azal with Azura standing over him eyeing his body curiously. He quickly sat up to look at his surroundings noticing hes inside a well lit room with a large bed that stretches across 1/3 of the room. He then heard Azura tell him that he was safe and that no harm would come to him. He felt a bit hesitant to trust her at first but eventually accepted it and took her word to heart.

Over the years, Astralius learned about the splendors of the world he now walked upon, he leaned of it's culture, people, wildlife and it's many landscapes. Under Egnia's care, he leaned the ability to fly and the art of archium manipulation as well as using his mind powers. As the years rolled by, he began to grow feelings for both Azura and Egnia and eventually admitted his feelings for them. Ever since that moment, Egnia accepted his affections for her but told him that his fate lies elsewhere and that she must not be distracted by love for another saying that she must be forever vigilant to ensure that the ecosystem of Terrahypt remains intact. Azura on the other hand accepted him and the two became intimate making Azura give birth to his two sons: Gabriel and Lucius.

Even to this day Astralius lies within Azal watching over all of Terrahypt to prevent any harm from coming to them.


Astralius is very protective of his children and all innocent beings on Terrahypt, should any harm come to them he will do all he can to protect them, even if it means putting his life on the line. But at times when there is something that not even he can do to protect someone, he merely stands by and watches, seeing his own failure before his eyes. Should that happen, he will never forgive himself.

though often when he is not fighting, he is usually comforting his children and Azura, coninually mating with her to create more astral offspring.

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