The Tome of Legends Wiki

Name: Argilion

Age: Unknown
Race: Numenorian
Height: 6'3
Birthdate: 21,300BR
Birthplace: Unknown
Class: Warlock
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Patron Deity: None
Crush: None

The Dark lord Argilion, mortal enemy to the free people of Aldrazar and general of the Dark God forces.


Argilion was born into a circle of Mages known as "The Family" whose purpose was to help bring inner peace into the minds of the individuals who chose their services. At first, Argilion embraced the concept of inner purity and balance within the mind, but over the course of the years he began to believe that the ways of The Family was obsolete and feudal and grew bored of their ways believing it was time for a revolution.

After Argilion came of age, he left the circle to pursue a more dark and sinister path, believing it was time for a new king to be seated upon the throne of the Imperial Phoenix. So with the help of the Dark Gods, he raised an army of demons and all kinds of other hideous and terrible creatures and sent out to take the realm for his own.

With his unholy army in tow, he waged war against the empire to once and for all take the throne by force and become the one king to rule them all. Defeat for his armies were near, but the power of the one king cannot be undone. With his unholy might, he dispatched and slaughtered every Numenorian soldier that dare challenged him until Elveron himself challenged him. The battle went on for many hours, but in the end, Argilion emerged victorious.

At that moment, when all hope seemed lost, it was there that Ranatosk Gladriem, son of the king, took up his father's sword The Kaladbolg. With all his might and skill, he defeated the dark general and ended the war of the Ancients.

20,000 years later, he was resurrected by a small group of Necromancers of The Lich's Eye as an undead-like being hoping to be able to control him and use him as a powerful thrall of the cult but unfortunately were unable to control him due to the arcane power in his Numenorian blood and the evil that already exists within his soul. Seeing that the Necromancers were of no use to him, he quickly slaughtered them and turned them into undead minions. Now risen from the dead and back on his feet, Argilion began to amass his armies once more to conquer all of Aldrazar.