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Planet Aldrazar with its single moon Selune orbiting the sun Helios.

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Aldrazar is the 3rd planet orbiting the sun Helios. The planet is a lush, green world filled with life of all kinds. One of its biggest oceans is the Leviathan sea, an ocean where Numenoria used to be located leaving behind an underwater crater that is said to be where the legendary creature the Leviathan itself resides, even to this day.

Ever since the final wars, much of the world was destroyed causing drastic changes to the shape of the continents. Fortunately, the planet never died itself, for the inhabitants rebuilt what was lost and moved on with their lives at the beginning of the Utopian age.

During the rebuild of the planet, many of Aldrazar's inhabitants had created multiple statues of Aldrazar's greatest protector and hero Robin Jones to commemorate the day their planet was saved from complete annihilation.

Aldrazar would later become the seat of government in the Zarian Kingdoms which is later ruled by the immortal Alteon.


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