The Tome of Legends Wiki

Name: Aeon

Age: Unknown
Race: Entity
Height: Variable
Birthdate: 3620UG
Birthplace: Tri G laboratory
Class: N/A
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Patron Deity: None
Crush: None

"My absolution shall be your very salvation." -Aeon

Aeon is a product of a twisted experiment created using the Archium based DNA in Astralius' blood in an attempt to create a powerful weapon to aid the Cyrathesian forces in the Cyrathesian wars.


When Astralius was finally captured by Tri G, Arklight already knew that creating an exact duplicate of him would not work so instead took a sample of his blood and split the DNA strand apart to create a new sentient entity. Arklight strengthened the entity well with the power of the Archium Orb until the entity had attained god-like power.

The entity now realized that it was being used like a puppet and defeated its master before roaming free into the cosmos. The entity travelled the universe looking for its true purpose but then discovered its own power realizing its destructive and constructive potential and believed itself to be a god.

The entity then decided to go throughout the cosmos and absorb any traces of archium energy to become one with the universe and to be strong enough to control it. During its journey, the entity did not know what to call itself, but its goals and its ambition was enough to name itself Aeon.


Aeon took on the appearance of a male-looking Psedian believing it to be the pure and flawless form. A form without burdens or disadvantages to wear it down, believing it to be the perfect form for a god.